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Wedding Book

Wedding Book

Modernity and classicism.

The white wooden dough.

Simplicity and elegance are the main points of reference in the creation of a photo shoot and also are the concepts that best fit this beautiful finish, combining modernity and classicism.

Dedicated to those who want a unique product, the result of craftsmanship that distinguishes Made in Italy in the world.

It is Young Book, exclusive by Graphistudio , leader in the world for wedding books production.

Primo Book

The book for those not satisfied

Primo Book is a book for people who want more.

In line with the photos of modern wedding, it holds up to 350 pages, hard cover and finish...low cost.

By Graphistudio

Wedding Book

It's a classic classico

Infinite combinations of materials and finishes allow you to personalize your wedding book.

Our only limit is our imagination.

Wedding Book: produced by Graphistudio

Go Book

A little gem

A winning combination: high quality, versatility and value.

Valuable and suitable for smaller ceremonies, to portrait and wedding with a limited number of images.

Go Book: produced by Graphistudio

Wedding book

Leather and wood, a timeless classic

A leather bag, handmade, is the case for this wonderful combination of materials.

Wedding Book is a Graphistudio product.